JKB B1-18 ™
Free-Standing Unitary Enclosure

18-inch Front-loaded Scoop

The free-standing B1-18 provides the output capabilities of a single 18-inch driver in a fully horn-loaded free-standing package suitable for High Fidelity, Home Theatre, or Stage use.

All of the components are safely housed in a relatively small footprint of very robust construction.

Capable of exteme output, the B1-18 is an outstanding unitary pathway bass horn design integrally combined with the 2" throated Dual horn (patent applied) for a variety of sonic applications.

Available in a variety of wood, finished or unfinished.

Here the DUAL HORN™ integrated combination 2" throat midrange and 2" throat tweeter horn is shown in birch wood. The horn is available separately finished or unfinished. Patent applied.


Dimensions 24w x 32d x 48h (dependent on driver)

Fc 38 Hz

Call for details and pricing.


Available populated or unpopulated in a variety of finishes for a variety of applications.
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