wide dispersion horn


The classic 2" throat Smith horn is improved in looks and performance by the patented integral stand and tweeter combination which allows for free-standing placement with a pleasing appearance as well as a pleasing sound!

The incredibly wide radial dispersion pattern means that the "sweet spot" is also very wide compared to other horn types...

The famous SMITH midrange horn has been improved for high fidelity! The patented combination of a integral stand with a built-in concealed crossover compartment and a tweeter into a free-standing compact single unit is now available.

With a low frequency cutoff of approximately 600Hz with a 4-bolt driver mount and a 2” throat, and having a very wide horizontal dispersion pattern, the Soniphase Smith/Bartlett is great for larger venues or applications with wide separation between speakers. There is no “hole in the middle” with these horns even in circumstance where most horns would fail to cover!

Below are black painted utility versions. Available finished or unfinished

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Drivers not included.
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