The SL6Standard and Deluxe
Free-standing Folded Horn Enclosure

Finished SL6 Deluxe bass horn enclosure shown in cherry veneer fitted with a matching top cabinet housing a free-standing Traxial Economy dual horn for spectacular imaging on a budget. The prodigious low frequency output is highly incongruous with its relatively small footprint.  The full output of a traditional corner horn without the corner is finally here! Designed for 1/2 space placement, this cabinet can be placed anywhere in the room for the best imaging and convienience with astonishing bass output.

The SL6 bass horn is compatible with most traditional horn drivers, and  be configured for several different 15" drivers as  based on sound level and efficiency needs.

The SL6 is truly a break-through design which provides the awesome low frequency response usually associated with traditional full-size corner horns - WITHOUT THE CORNERS!  So say hello to DYNAMIC RANGE - you may not have heard that before with todays direct-radiating speakers...

There has never been anything on the planet that can touch the SL6 for its overall size, footprint, and response characteristics.

The single 15" driver design provides the maximum versatility in enclosure placement (it is made to free-stand without any wall or corner boundaries), it is phase and dispersion pattern coherent, and has the smallest footprint of any horn with anything close to its output capabilities: THUMP, RUMBLE, SLAM, CLARITY, HIGH EFFICIENCY, and EXTREMELY LOW DISTORTION. Everything you could want in a bass horn!

Fully horn loaded, the force and clarity of the bass notes it produces can change your heartbeat while using less than 30 electrical watts! The low frequencies are SMOKIN' HOT in this little number.  With a pair of these as your mains, your Home Threater will definately impress.

Low wattage tube amplification also benefits highly from the all-horn loaded efficiency and the naturally more-stable impedance load presented to the amplifier by the SL6, providing a low distortion life-sized soundstage with more-than ample dynamic range to make the most of your electronics!

Front-loaded for maximum efficiency, the SL6 literally embodies the future of bass horn design - and it's here today. We know that the SL6 will literally "speak for itself" and so there is little more for us to say about it. Give the SL6 a listen and you decide!

NO SUBWOOFER required, and none of the drawbacks of a direct radiator such as "beaming"and its associated port "chuffing" noises! This design is everything a bass horn should be. This is the one that all other bass horns will be compared to! Experience PURE bass frequencies without the usual drawbacks - this design does not BOOM, CHUFF, BEAM or otherwise COVER UP the natural and seemingly effortless bass frequencies. These can ripple up your hardwood floors!

 The SL6 is patent applied.

Single 15" bass driver
Maximum Throat Opening Size:  84.5  sq. in.
Dimensions (bass bin):  Approx.  27.5” w 35.5” h 23.75”  d
Fc:  35 Hz (lower dependent on driver) 
Recommended Crossover Point:  -6dB @ 400-600 Hz (dependent on driver) 

 Casters not included. Prices subject to change without notice.
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