Standard 3-WAY  600/6000
Gentle Slope Crossover

The Soniphase STANDARD 3-way crossover uses a gentle -6dB slope at 600 Hz on the woofer, a -12dB bandpass configuration on the midrange, and an -18dB slope at 6000 Hz on the tweeter for a seamless transition of frequencies while protecting the HF drivers from unwanted frequencies.

The midrange circuit includes an autoformer for attenuating the output of the squawker without altering the impedance.

No fuses are in the signal path for outstanding clarity, so modern drivers are recommended. Only high quality 200v components are used throughout.

Balanced for use in SL6 cabinets and compatibles. Max power rating is 200 watts.

4 and 8 Ohm woofer versions available.
Price for a pair of  STANDARD 3-way Crossovers is $300 US. Prices do not include shipping and handling charges. Prices subject to change without notice.
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