SL6 ™  SINGLE 15  

J2 TWIN or SINGLE 15  

  Smith/Bartlett™ Horn  
STANDARD 3-WAY (600/6000) 

New SL6TM bass enclosure is shown above finished in cherry with a TRAXIAL Economy HF horn and matching top cabinet - the BEST BANG for the BUCK is right here!

"Mass bass in your face - with grace!"TM

Soniphase proudly presents our line of all-horn loudspeakers for various in-room placements. These all-horn speakers sound completely natural, they effortlessly “breathe” the sound into the space like it was meant to be there, not like other compressed speakers that struggle or used massed-cones and brute electrical force to shove the soundwaves out into the listening space. No boxiness, no shrillness, no colorations (distortion) that would make you anything else but CONVINCED that what you are hearing is REAL – the way it was recorded and the way it was meant to be heard.

Make your HT system EQUAL to or more likely SURPASS all of the commercial theatres you have ever heard.

Throw a natural and convincing soundstage larger than your listening space, and make it truly LIFESIZE. Hear it in a depth filled soundstage as large as the space it was recorded in!

The Soniphase line of speakers clearly outperform the competition... So if you’ve got the room and the desire for great audio, make the most of it.





Make your tube amplifiers really happy with the easy-to-drive Soniphase line of folded horn loudspeakers. With a minimum of 104 db sensitivity (dependent on the drivers employed) in a beautifully finished hardwood veneer of your choice, and all of the dynamics, nuance, transients, and soundstage information you could ever want.

Extremely efficient and amazingly powerful on just a couple of watts, the Soniphase line of loudspeakers are capable of creating a life-sized, truly convincing soundstage with all the dynamic punch and realism a live performance can produce. The fully horn-loaded systems produce less variance in reactance than other speaker designs do, and that results in a better match to the amplifier output stage that tube amplifiers really love.

Patents Issued or Applied

A trademark of the Soniphase lineup of horns is that they are each designed for maximum versatility to meet the owner’s needs now and in the future. The designs are such that the cabinets themselves will likely NEVER become obsolete, the BUILD-QUALITY is top-notch for lasting value with both visual and sonic beauty, and the MODULAR nature of the designs allows the adventurous owner to tweak them indefinitely. The Soniphase™ state of the art folded horn designs are protected by one or more of the following US patents: 7252176, 7233677, D586330, 7506721, 7513332,  or other patents applied.


Time-Aligned Bass from a Folded Horn?

A well-known drawback of traditional  folded bass horns is that the low frequency waveforms from the bass cabinet generally take a longer pathway to the listener than the high-frequency waveforms. This has been an oft-quoted complaint from the audio community about most commercially available folded horns of the past. In some famous cases, the difference in pathway length is well over 3 feet, causing an easily discernable difference in timing when listening to sharply defined but short-lived sounds called transients! The patented technology of the Soniphase line of  bass horns all feature enhanced time-alignment capabilities but the J2  horn enclosure reduces the difference in horn pathway lengths down to a maximum of approximately eight inches while outperforming in every way the traditional corner horns that you may have heard and with no corner required! Approximately eight inches of overall pathway length difference between the bass horn and the all-wood high frequency tractrix horn pathways - with all of the realistic and smooth bass response that you would expect! Eight inches is not a humanly discernable difference - but what  you will hear is an astonishing large life-like and transparent soundstage with absolutely striking transients and incredible depth - along with entirely convincing rock-solid imaging - Close your eyes and that drum set is actually in the room with you,  with surprisingly low wattage  -  no imagination or wishing required! Once you experience this level of sound reproduction for yourself, other speakers will always be disappointing!  Other loudspeakers will never convince you that the sound you heard was "real" or that you were actually "there" - and about one clean watt is all it takes to get to "there"...

Accurate Soundstaging  - with Horns? ABSOLUTELY!

It has been said that the dynamic range of horns can make it seem like "you were there" or "they [the musicians] are here" but the actual fact its that the Soniphase line of horn loudspeakers including the flagship J2's put the entire soundstage in your room, and your room will be made to sound much larger than it really is. Sounds will seemingly come from beyond the confines of your walls. The effect is that the horn cabinets themselves seem to disappear and the sound comes from elsewhere. The soundstage doesn't protrude or project into your space (e.g., exactly the opposite of "a forward presentation"), it starts at the speakers and recedes rearward from there, making the listening experience much like watching a movie in a large theatre.  Except it isn't simply a flat movie screen, it has depth (and distance), height and width, and the musicians (or rather their microphone positions) have a specific location within the soundstage, just like the stage it was recorded "on". While soundstaging effects are actually recording "artifacts" interpreted by our ears as having depth and directional queues, when was the last time (or only time) you have heard a live audience on a recording presented on the other-side of the speakers (i.e., behind the speakers), rather than in the front, like you were sitting in the audience?  Your mind might expect for you to be seated in the audience and try to interpret the soundstage that way, but the reverse is actually true. The audience should be in the "background". In reality that is the way the microphones "saw" the source, and that is the way the J2's (and reality) reproduce such a recording. It is striking once you experience accurate sound reproduction on this level. Your mind will not argue or be confused nor will it attempt to augment what it hears from the J2's. It simply won't need to, which is why we say no imagination required!

Modular Design

Combining  the versatility of modular design and the best of modern driver technology creates an unrestricted path to optionally upgrade components well into the future. Since the cabinets are built using only the best available wood laminate technology
(NO MDF) and modern glues, they will last more than a lifetime.

Only 3/4” wood laminates and other solid wood components are used throughout the bass horn cabinet to promote rigidity and prevent the loss of sound energy due to channel wall vibration. Yes, it’s heavier and costlier to produce, but you can hear the difference in the clarity of the sound that this solid construction is capable of reproducing!



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