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Money Back Guarantee
If you are dissatisfied with any Soniphase product for any reason,
return it unscathed within 30 days for a full refund.

You pay for shipping only.


Full 2 year warranty
This covers construction, finish, wiring, hardware, and electrical components – the whole enchilada.

Damage to drivers resulting from “over-driving”, “over-excursion”, or otherwise exceeding the stated maximum wattage ratings is not covered.

Electrical damage to network components due to excessive current is also not covered. Modifying the products in any way or subjecting the products to weather (unless specifically stated as weatherized versions) will void the warranty. This warranty is for normal indoor use only.

The Soniphase line of wide range wood horns results in the life-like IMPACT and the YOU-ARE-THERE quality of the audio presentation while requiring very few watts to achieve commercial theatre volumes.

Whether using solid-state or tube amplification, whether high or low wattage, whether you listen to classical, movie soundtracks, or rock, the results you realize with these horns will give you the most bang for the buck.

“Get Real – get Soniphase”™


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