Tractrix Economy Coaxial horn

A less expensive version of  the all wood TRAXIAL™ horn gives virtually the same performance without the added expense and complication of the separating internal baffle between the two throat openings resulting in the same-plane phase coherancy  AND the same  horizontal dispersion characteristics one expects and provides an increased cost savings. 

With the Tractrix Economy Coax, you are assured of the finest quality of high fidelity sound reproduction for the home, church, or theatre venue.

With the same low frequency cutoff of 500Hz, 4-bolt mounting, 2” throats, the same horizontal dispersion pattern is applied to both the midrange and tweeter for consistently clean and time-aligned coverage without any "bite". 

A wide variety of  2" drivers can be mixed and matched for endlessly achieving custom sonic capabilities!

Here the patented TRAXIAL™ ECONOMY dual throat horn is shown in birch and blonde hardwood, suitable for free-standing or in-baffle mounting. Available finished or unfinished. US Patent D621382.

2” Throats x 2
4-bolt mounting
Dimensions:  Approximately 18” wide  x 12” tall x 12”  deep
Fc  500Hz


Price: $400 per pair  + shipping and handling

Drivers not included.
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